Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Dept.



DEGREE OPTION: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering).


The philosophy of the undergraduate programme of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is to produce appropriate Engineers that are needed to develop the materials base of the country and thus contribute to its technological development. This is made possible through a well-designed curriculum which emphasizes among others the following areas of discipline: Mineral Processing, Extractive Metallurgy, Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy, Production Metallurgy, Alloy Development, Corrosion Engineering, Polymeric Materials, Glass and Ceramic Materials, Refractory Materials, Composite Materials, Nanotechnology, process and plant Design. The products of the programmes will be suitable for employment in all areas of human endeavours where materials and other engineering materials are processed for industrial uses.


The objectives of the programme are to:

(a) Expose the students to sound foundational sciences of Engineering and Engineering Technology;

(b) Develop in the students an overall sound knowledge of metallurgical and materials engineering and as such produce engineers that are capable of participating effectively in the main areas of the metallurgical and materials industry;

(c) Encourage close association of the programme with industries and relevant research establishment in the country and outside;

(d) Impart to the students the ability to investigate, analyze and provide solutions to problems arising from metallurgical and materials engineering processes; and

(e) Train the students to acquire the capability for meaningful result oriented research in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.